multi-device & cross-platform software development

multi-device applications

If you want to have an application that interact with your users through multiple devices used in parallel or sequentially -- then you need a multi-device solution. We provide solutions using one of two main architectures. Depending on the use case such application can be centralized (running on some server and using devices as gateways to reach a user) or distributed (running on and synchronizing across multiple devices). We support both synchronous and asynchronous communication patterns.

We develop such multi-device or multi-screen applications for any type of a device (web browser, PCs, smartphones, tablets, wearables, smart TVs, cars, homes, embedded, ...) using native, hybrid, or web-based application technology as required by a given case. The support for multi-device usage scenarios is available not only to new applications developed by us or other developers. We also build communication modules and extensions for existing applications.

With our support you can provide your users high quality multi-device and multi-screen applications, including so popular companion applications or second-screen applications. See the most common multi-device usage scenarios that we support.

smart car

More and more automotive companies are introducing various kinds of car-smartphone integrations. This enables your users to conveniently use your smartphone applications inside a car via car knobs and displays or use the smartphone to remotely control the car and monitor car data to optimize driving habits or just for fun.

With our expertise in user interface adaptation we can help you adapt existing applications for in-car use (mapping UI features to correct car buttons and minimizing driver distraction) or build new applications tailored for in-car use. Just imagine how nice it would be if your favorite e-reader application could follow you from a tablet to a car and continue reading the book for you via the car stereo system.

Cars can provide a lot of useful data via the on-board diagnostics slot (ODB). When equipped with an appropriate dongle the data can be transferred to a smartphone over a Bluetooth link or directly to the cloud via a cellular data link. We can help building new or extend existing smartphone or tablet applications that use car diagnostics data provided directly by the ODB or via one of available APIs.

The smart car domain well developed and there are many technologies that we can support for you: Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, MirrorLink, Ford SYNC AppLink, Dash Chassis API, Automatic API, Carvoyant API, Vinli API, and other


Smart watches, glasses, bands, shoes, jewelry are getting popular. If you need an application for a wearable device or a companion application for a smartphone we are here to help. Our vast experience in multi-device software development and user interactions enables us to design and implement custom user interactions that match capabilities of a wearable device and spread across your wearables, smartphone, tablets and other devices.

The list of technologies that we can support for you include: Android Wear, Google Glass, Apple iWatch, Samsung Tizen, Pebble, and other

smart TV

TVs are becoming an important smart devices that can do much more than just present some video content or a teletext. Smart TVs are application-centrinc not channel-centric and can act as large tablets (without the touch) or an additional screen for a smartphone or tablet. We are building standalone smart-TV applications that provide information on the large screen, TV companion applications that allow users to use their tablets to augment TV viewing experience, and second-screen applications that use the TV as an external display for your tablet or smartphone.

The list of smart TV technologies / brands that we support at the moment is the following: Android TV, Google Cast (Chromecast), Miracast, Apple AirPlay, and various smart TVs: Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, SONY, Panasonic Viera Connect

Internet of Things

With predictions of billions of connected devices the Internet becomes more and more physical. Almost every piece of electronics and every appliance will soon be monitored and controlled over the Internet and users will exist in environments full of senors that gather data to digitally represent every detail of a state of the physical world. In such a mix of physical and digital applications may directly influence people's lives.

We provide solutions that employ popular Bluetooth (BLE) Beacons as well for various kinds of sensors and actuators (e.g. smart home solutions), smart appliances and custom solutions based on Relayr's Wunderbar, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and other hardware.

consulting & research

Apart from software development we also provide a wide range of consulting and research services, which can help you with your application development projects and make sure they are technically sound and aligned with your vision. The services include:

  • idea validation and feasibility studies,
  • multi-modal and multi-device user interaction research,
  • software architecture,
  • functional and technical specification,
  • performance tests & optimization,
  • technical, functional and acceptance tests,
  • technical writing (documentation),
  • deployment, monitoring and maintenance.

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